look at all those chickens

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Just got back from 2 and a half weeks in Europe and wow my eyebrows have Suffered

Burano, Italy. Island of Venice
A quiet, delightful island with picturesque pastel-colored houses.

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I don’t know if you’ve heard but Paris has some neat stuff (at Sainte-Chapelle)

I need to start wearing exclusively black and florals

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"Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do. It is time to start living."


We really didn’t have enough money, enough people, or enough time for our road trip. I almost called it off when I originally started planning it. But there will never be a good time to travel the country for four weeks, just like there will never be a good time to quit your job, read that book, or join a gym. You will probably never have enough money, time, connections, willpower, whatever—to feel ready to make a dream happen. And this is the lesson I learned: eventually you have to stop giving yourself excuses and make the jump. 

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Interviewer: “so where do you see yourself in five years?”
Me: “I’m shaking hands with Dumbledore I’ve won the house cup”

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